Call for Case Examples of Humanitarian Health Research
Fogarty International Center
U.S. National Institutes of Health

Humanitarian crises, such as armed conflict, forced displacement, natural disasters, and major disease outbreaks, affect hundreds of millions of lives around the world and take a staggering toll on human health, especially in low-resource settings. To better meet the health needs of people affected by humanitarian crises, organizations responding to these crises need to act on reliable evidence. Conducting the research needed to generate this evidence base is particularly challenging, although examples of high-quality, ethical, and actionable research in humanitarian settings do exist.

The Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health is eager to collect case examples of research experiences and share them with both the research and humanitarian communities. As such, we are excited to launch this call for case examples, specifically of health research that was conducted in the context of a humanitarian crisis. We anticipate that this collection of case examples will help: (1) research and humanitarian communities identify important, high-priority scientific questions that can be best addressed through health research in humanitarian settings; (2) describe the challenges faced by researchers in these settings; and (3) share strategies for overcoming these challenges. The call is open to researchers from all countries and more details are in the call for case examples. Submissions are due by January 21, 2019. Please submit any questions to