The Center for Palliative and Cancer Care in Conflict (CPCCC) at King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC), Jordan, conducted a workshop on Paediatric Qualitative Research Training for research and support staff on the 27th February. The workshop was attended by clinicians, nurses, psychologists and researchers.

The training was part of the research capacity building activities of R4HC-MENA within the cancer and palliative care work stream.

The team delivering the training included; Professor Omar Shamieh, R4HC-MENA Co-Investigator, Dr Anawar Al-Nassan, MD. Director, Section of Paediatric Palliative Care, KHCC, Dr Aymen Al-Essa MD, Research Assistant, Dr Laith Alali, MD, Research Assistant, Waleed Al-Rjoob, Senior Researcher and Instructor, Ghadeer Al-Arja, Senior Researcher and Instructor, Sobuh Abu-Shanab, Psychologist. The team will be conducting a further study protocol, Understanding Palliative Care Outcomes of Children and Young People with Advanced Cancer in Jordan and Turkey.