In this webinar series, the R4HC-MENA partnership joins colleagues together from across the Middle East region to discuss current and future challenges for practitioners and researchers in conflict and health and most importantly, the direct and indirect impacts for vulnerable populations impacted by conflict. Our multi-disciplinary team of frontline practitioners and researchers will discuss a range of topics, including humanitarian medicine, cancer and palliative care, mental health, broad health systems responses, and the multi-faceted health and social inequalities exacerbated by Covid-19. In light of Covid-19, we invite you to take part in this webinar series that questions the direct and indirect health impacts on vulnerable populations in conflict-affected settings and how, moving forward, we can continue to question the inequalities that Covid-19 has only exacerbated, in order to support policies that drive health equality.


COVID-19 and therapeutic geographies across the MENA region: have they changed for good?
16 June 2020, 10am BST
Professor Rita GiacamanDr. Fouad M. Fouad, Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah, and Professor Richard Sullivan

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The social and political determinants of health and Covid-19
22 June 12pm BST
Professor Rita GiacamanDr. Weeam Hammouhdeh, Dr. Hanna Kienzler, and Professor Richard Sullivan

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Further events will be announced in coming weeks.


Decision making in the Covid-19 crises – What’s going on and what do we do?
11 June 2020, 4pm BST
Dr. Adam CouttsHamish de Bretton-Gordon and Dr. Filippa Lentzos