We recently wrote a report on the Military Medical Ethics (MME) project. This project aimed to develop a series of teaching resources to support the teaching of MME. The model follows that used to develop the teaching material in Military Ethics that is hosted on the King’s Centre for Military Ethics (KCME) website. After a literature review, we undertook a round of stakeholder engagement, including with partners in the Middle East, to identify the core themes and issues associated with ethical medical practice in conflict situations. This was converted into a series of 52 scenarios within 4 suits of a set of playing cards. The playing cards were incorporated into a package of introductory education in MME that was road tested with UK military and international partners. During 2020, we developed indicative answers for each of these scenarios and hosted them on the complete package on the KCME website. At the end of 2020, these were converted into a Smartphone App available for IoS and Android phones (search: Military Medical Ethics in the App store or Google Play). We have been testing this in virtual teaching environments during early 2021. We hope to apply for further research funding during 2021 to refresh the content of the cards and to full evaluate these resources for teaching MME.


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Professors Martin Bricknell and David Whetham