Our Objective

R4HC-MENA’s objective is to build research and policy capacity in conflict affected areas, focusing on health, political economy of health, and complex non-communicable diseases such as mental health and cancer, and facilitate more effective translation of research into policy.

Our legacy will be a new, networked community with practice, policy and health systems financing and planning informed by the best available evidence.

How We’ll Achieve Our Objective

Our Vision

R4HC-MENA’s legacy will be a new community of practice in relation to conflict and health. A community that includes actors from the research, practice and policy fields, all actively sharing expertise at local, regional and global levels and supported by the best and most up to date training and research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in partnership to co-create sustainable research capacity in the MENA region to address the major health challenges arising from conflict, with a focus on non-communicable diseases, specifically cancer and mental health. Our main focus will be on Jordan, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Libya and Turkey, as well as conflict-affected populations in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

Our project will deliver a sustainable, multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral research capacity, partnership and community of practice with academic institutions, policy think-tanks, NGOs, governments and international organisations involved in conflict and health. R4HC-MENA will directly benefit participants across all work streams who participate in this project, as they will receive training and mentorship in research and policy leadership as well as key qualitative and quantitative research skills through the duration of the project.

Research Partners

R4HC-MENA is funded by a £6m Research Councils UK Global Challenges Research Fund Award.  Details about the award can be found here.