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Webinar Series

Decision making in the COVID-19 crises – What’s going on and what do we do?

The social and political determinants of health and COVID-19.

COVID-19 and therapeutic geographies across the MENA region: have they changed for good?

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Current Projects in Development

The Covid-19 and Cancer Taskforce is a globally representative group of cancer leaders spanning the disciplines of cancer across the care continuum from prevention, early detection, treatment and palliative, to representatives of cancer centre networks and advocacy groups. Find out more about how you can get involved here.

In these difficult times it is more important than ever to keep information flowing about the latest research and we will keep an updated list on COVID-19 related resources available on this page.

This platform promotes the exchange of field-based COVID-19 program adaptations and innovations, facilitating learning among organizations in different sectors and contexts.

During 2020, the Network will continue to focus on Syrian refugee healthcare workers in countries neighbouring Syria and who are in Europe. Various reports and resources have been published by the Network  relating to the COVID-19 response across Syria, documenting existing vulnerabilities and proposing locally appropriate policy recommendations.

The Global Health Institute at AUB addresses global health challenges with a focus on context and sustainable impact by employing an interdisciplinary approach. Current COVID-19 resources can be found on their website.

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R4HC COVID-19 Response

The R4HC-MENA partnership, funded by UKRI Global Challenge Research Fund, joins colleagues together from across the Middle East region to build capacity and capability in conflict and health research. The breadth of experience, expertise and evidence from our partner institutions, NGOs and policymakers means R4HC is uniquely positioned to contribute to the global response and understanding of COVID-19. We have colleagues on the frontline of humanitarian medicine, cancer and palliative care, mental health and broad health systems responses, and thus can quickly draw crucial evidence to help day-to-day clinical care, humanitarian responses and broader regional policy.

R4HC has re-orientated its capacity and capability networks and projects to new COVID-19 pandemic relevant outputs set by our partners.

Our research is multi-disciplinary, focusing on the impact of the pandemic on health systems in conflict settings, and both direct and indirect consequences of interventions on health particularly cancer and palliative care and mental health, as well as the broader social impacts. Our cross-cutting work intersects inequality – gender, race, and global power dynamics. Many of us are actively providing clinical care in a wide range of complex settings. These ‘ground truths’ ensure that R4HC research is rapidly relevant to patients, as well as to a range of international partners e.g. CBRL, ICRC, MSF, UICC, WHO, UNHCR and to national policymakers.

If there are issues or contributions you would like to make us aware of please get in touch.

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