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The Women Leaders in Conflict and Health Initiative, part of the Conflict and Health Research Group and the Research for Health in Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa (R4HC-MENA) programme, is hosting its second event as part of our Lecture Series on Monday 28th October 2019 in collaboration with Women in War and International Politics (WIWP) at King’s College London. The series focuses on women leaders working in diverse roles across academia, NGOs , policy and advocacy within the conflict and health sector. In this event, Professor Melani Cammett from Harvard University will share her personal experiences in academia and her current research: Outgroup Generosity despite Prejudice: Access to Social Services for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

Abstract: The war in Syria has led to a massive influx of refugees in Lebanon, contributing to widespread perceptions of strains on social services. Does mounting local resentment of refugees result in discrimination in accessing social services? We explore the quality of care received by Syrian refugees and Lebanese nationals in Lebanese health facilities using data from original surveys in a nationally representative sample of primary health centers. The conventional wisdom in studies of diversity and public goods provision suggests that Syrians would receive inferior services, while social psychology research on outgroup generosity would predict little variation in care. Our results show no difference in the quality of health services between Syrian and Lebanese patients and indicate that the involvement of international actors helps to explain the apparent outgroup generosity, despite evidence for prejudice against Syrians. This finding advances research on intergroup relations and contributes to studies of the politics of humanitarian response and service delivery.

Melani Cammett is Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs in the Department of Government, Chair of the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies and Acting Director of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. She also holds a secondary faculty appointment at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Cammett’s books include Compassionate Communalism: Welfare and Sectarianism in Lebanon (Cornell University Press 2014), which won the American Political Science Association (APSA) Giovanni Sartori Book Award and the Honorable Mention for the APSA Gregory Luebbert Book Award; A Political Economy of the Middle East (co-authored with Ishac Diwan, Alan Richards and John Waterbury, Westview Press 2015); The Politics of Non-State Social Welfare in the Global South (co-edited with Lauren Morris MacLean, Cornell University Press, 2014), which received the Honorable Mention for the ARNOVA book award; and Globalization and Business Politics in North Africa (Cambridge University Press, 2007). Her current research explores peace and reconciliation after ethnoreligious conflict, the politics of social service delivery, and the historical roots of economic and social development, primarily in the Middle East. Cammett has published numerous articles in academic and policy journals, consults for development policy organizations, and is the recipient of various fellowships and awards. She currently serves as a Commissioner on the Lancet Commission on Syria.

Join us for light refreshments from 5pm on Monday 28th October in the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. Registration is free.

For any queries, please contact kristen.meagher@kcl.ac.uk