Where We Work

R4HC-MENA will build research and policy capacity in conflict areas focusing on health, political economy of health and complex non-communicable diseases such as mental health and cancer. This will be achieved via contextually sensitive activities including co-development and delivery of accredited multi-disciplinary courses and locally driven research programmes, developing new sustainable partnerships between organisations to build expertise and capacity, mentoring senior leaders in the translation of research to policy.

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Developing accredited courses to build research capacity at the clinical, community, humanitarian and development levels to improve documentation and registration of cancer cases, and improve cancer care and outcomes.


Training community health workers in treating a range of mental health disorders, running workshops for graduate students and establishing eight new mental health centres.


Working in partnership to develop and deliver accredited courses, building research capacity in research on cancer and palliative care and improving outcomes, particularly for cancers affecting women.

Occupied Palestinian Territories

Working to develop evidence-based mental health services located within the community, and developing training courses to build research capacity in mental health in conflict.